Garden furniture

A product we have offered since 2005 in addition to our metalwork, surface finishing, cold roll forming, overlap connectors and compressed air technology is garden furniture.
MDT chair and table sets come with different options for the finish and size.

wooden garden furniture wooden garden furniture

The features of the series are:

  • steel with attractive finish (coloured, plasticized)
  • lattice in weatherproofed wood
  • modern design based on classic style
  • long usability, high quality standards fulfilled
  • quality performance at a reasonable price


We now manufacture the classic, folding, garden furniture set (as for beer garden use) in a version made completely of steel. The features of the beer garden model are:

  • positioned for the best possible sitting posture (both seat and back of chair gently curved)
  • truly comfortable seating
  • various finishes (all shades of plastic finish, zinc undercoat with powder coat, galvanised topcoat)
  • finish can be optimised to match the customer’s probable use
  • chair measurements: 850 x 400 x 400 mm (height x depth x width)
  • table measurements: 850 x 650 mm (table top) 750 x 550 mm
    (height x width)
metal garden furniture metal garden furniture
MDT Trusetal - Garden Furniture