The Company

MDT is our name and it stands for Metall- und Drucklufttechnik Trusetal GmbH, which tells you that we are based in the village of Trusetal in the green heart of Germany and make metal items, with compressed air among our engineering techniques. This area has one of Germany’s oldest traditions of mining and working iron. We wanted to maintain the tradition and when private enterprise replaced nationalised industry in this part of Germany, we were able to found our company. The date was 1992. Since then we have grown steadily, building on our capacity for steel goods manufacture with modern production lines.

In-depth research and intensive development, rapid transfer to series production, well-organised manufacture with extreme accuracy and the highest standards of quality – all these underlie our continuing success.

Our customers are frequently themselves suppliers – to the subcontracting, construction and furniture industries – or are in the electrical trade.

MDT Metall- und Drucklufttechnik Trusetal GmbH - The Company